B type Light Wire Weaving Machine
  • B type Light Wire Weaving Machine

B type Light Wire Weaving Machine

The woven metal mesh is widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, military, aerospace and other industrial sectors of liquid, gas filtration and solid particle screening.

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Machine Type : B

Weaving Width : 1000mm.1300mm. 1600mm.Max.2500mm

Heddle Frame Number : 2 &4 or 5

Wire Diameter : <= 0.30mm

Weaving Mesh Range : Square Mesh 40- 600(Mesh),Dutch Mesh 2600(Mesh)

Shedding Mechanism : Aluminum heddle frame,Cam Shedding

Drive Way : Electromagnetic Brake Motor Driver,Variable frequency Speed Regulation

Cloth Take-up System : Servo motor drive,digital display braid length Servo measure mesh account

Weft Insertion : 2.3KW high performance AC servo motor direct drive, The guild wheel drive the carbon fiber rapier belt to do reciprocating weft insertion motion

Beating Mechanism : The crankshaft is a 65mm diameter, 45 (55) steel monolithic forging, and the slay (55square steel) is made of carbon structural steel after heat treatment

Warp let-off System : Servo motor drive,wire electronic tension feedback control, double rear beam, negative swinging rear beam stabilizing mechanism

Control System : New weaving machine control system

Weaving Speed : 60-120 T/min

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