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E-Shed NC Light Wire Weaving Machine
  • E-Shed NC Light Wire Weaving Machine

E-Shed NC Light Wire Weaving Machine

This type of machine is mainly used for weaving precision metal mesh for special screen printing levels, and can meet the technical requirements of screen printing applications in the electronic and optoelectronic industries.

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Machine Type : BMAX

Weaving Width : 1000mm、1300mm、 1 600mm、Max.2500mm

Heddle Frame Number : 2 &4or 5

Wire Diameter : <= 0.30mm

Weaving Mesh Range : Square Mesh 40-600(Mesh),Dutch Mesh 2600(Mesh)

Shedding Mechanism : Aluminum heddle frame.1.5KW AC Servo per frame

Drive Way : Electromagnetic Brake Motor Driver,Variable frequency Speed Regulation

Cloth Take-up System : Servo motor drive,3Pu coating beam unlimited cloth mechanism, digital display braid length

Weft Insertion :2.3KW high performance AC servo motor direct drive, The guild wheel drive the carbon fiber rapier belt to do reciprocating weft insertion motion

Beating Mechanism :The crankshaft is a 65mm diameter, 45 (55) steel monolithic forging, and the slay (55square steel) is made of carbon structural steel after heat treatment

Warp let-off System: Servo motor drive,wire electronic tension feedback control, double rear beam, negative swinging rear beam stabilizing mechanism

Control System : New weaving machine control system

Weaving Speed : 60-120 T/min

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