· 1993. as the rise of the Chinese wire mesh market, Taihang machinery factory introduced Japanese technology of shuttleless wire weaving, and developed the type QD (10-80 mesh) successfully.

· 1996. Taihang Machinery Factory changed its name to Shijiazhuang Jinjingwei machinery Manufacturing Co. LTD., and our production of shuttleless wire weaving machine has reached 60 sets per year.

· 1998. we developed the type B successfully , and the mesh size can be 400

· 2001. we introduced 7 sets CNC machine tools , and the type Q was developed successfully

· 2004. we developed heavy type D , and the maximum wire diameter can be 1.8mm.

· 2006. we developed wire crimping machine series products, after launched to domestic market we get all well-reputed.

· 2008. our company has 100 employees, the production was 900sets per year, and domestic market is more than 80%.

· 2009. we exported the first wire crimping machine to the Middle East.

· 2011. we exported the first five healds wire weaving machine to India

· 2012. we has exported all types of machine to India.

· 2014. the CNC wire weaving machine tested successfully

· 2015. we have established Hebei Zonghang Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD (trademark APM), and APM industries, our Indian Office was established in Great Noida, New Delhi, in November of same year

· 2016.we attended Bauma Conexpo India in New Delhi ,Booth No. H2-J19

· 2017. 20-22 September, we will attend MiningWorld Central Asia in Kazakhstan ,Booth No.9A-65, 12-16 December, we will attend Excon in Bangalore, India .

· 2018. Changed and improved weft insertion system to reduce the working voice and improve the weaving speed.

· 2019. Designed the new wire crimping machine in full CNC control which could do from 2-14mm spring wires to save adjustment time.

· 2020. Re-establish the Anping Office for the domestic sales which is the hometown of wire mesh in China. There are more than 6000sets of the wire mesh weaving machines from our factory which were working in this area till now.

· 2021. R&G (Research and Development): We are doing CNC control cloth take-up and warp let-off  only for the higher twill weaving mesh over 300mesh on the common warp beam (without the Pu coating beam for the endless cloth take-up) and succeed from beginning to the end at the exact apertures. No need any adjustment.

· 2022. R&G (Research and Development): Full CNC warping machine and Full CNC for all types of wire mesh weaving machine till Maximum 2500mm weaving width for the square mesh 0-600mesh and Dutch weaving till 2600mesh at the different quality request. Saving technology request and gain more success to the fresh wire mesh manufacturers without the weaving experience. 

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