Almaty International Exhibition of Engineering and Mining Machinery in Kazakhstan

Exhibition Introduction
Professional engineering machinery and mining machinery exhibition in Kazakhstan.
The idea of the exhibition is to promote communication and facilitate the development of international trade in the Central Asian countries for mineral exploration, mining enterprises and mineral and metal processing companies, as well as mining machinery equipment, mining products and services from around the world.
Strong Attraction: Experts and businessmen from the engineering machinery and mining machinery industries around the world are attracted to the exhibition; at the same time, the exhibition is organized by ITE, and the strong strength of the organizer creates favorable conditions for the successful holding of the exhibition booths.
High degree of internationalization: The exhibition provides a professional trade platform for engineering machinery and related industries aimed at developing the Kazakhstan and Central Asian markets. The objective of the exhibition is to promote the development of Kazakhstan's domestic mining industry, demonstrate the potential of the Central Asian market, and showcase the latest developments in the mining industry.
High level of professionalism: The exhibition showcased almost all of the latest products related to engineering machinery and mining machinery, with a complete and professional range of exhibits. From the perspective of the audience, the vast majority of visitors are professional viewers from the industry, with a high level of professionalism.
Market analysis
The total value of natural resources in Kazakhstan is approximately 8.7 trillion US dollars, with proven oil reserves ranking fifth in the world. Estimated crude oil reserves are around 17.6 billion barrels, with a total value of over 2.4 trillion US dollars. Since entering the 21st century, with the influx of "petrodollars", the Kazakhstan government has maintained political stability and continuous economic development, with growth rates averaging 10% over the past five years. Kazakhstan is located in the central region of the Eurasian continent and is the largest landlocked country in the world. To solve its inland and lack-of-sea-access problems, the government has placed great emphasis on developing the transportation industry, increasing investment in the establishment of a comprehensive transportation network including railways, highways, waterways, and aviation, and striving to strengthen cooperation with countries along the Eurasian land corridor, develop transit transportation, and obtain transit income, making it a new economic growth hotspot beyond oil, gas, and solid mineral resource development. At the same time, the fervent construction situation has led to a significant increase in demand for various types of engineering machinery, construction equipment, and construction vehicles in Kazakhstan, offering a large market for outstanding engineering and mining enterprises.

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