Causes and prevention methods of square hole weaving wire loom mesh disease

Ⅰ.two lines

Two adjacent warp wires are threaded in the same reed hole, often resulting in a double warp. Double weft wire is not often found in weaving.

Double wire prevention method: During the weaving process, the mesh surface should be checked frequently, especially after the warp is broken, the warp wire should be connected with a 25-fold microscope to check whether there are double lines on the mesh surface.

Two or more adjacent warp wires are on the same harness, whether or not they are penetrated into the same reed, then the warp direction is formed on the mesh surface. When more than two weft wires are woven into the same skein, a parallel thread in the direction of the weft wire is formed. Most of the parallel threads are in the direction of the weft wire, after the thread is broken, the half of the warp silk left on the knitting mouth is woven into the net.

Parallel wire prevention method: minimize the number of broken wire, careful operation.


In weaving, the partial warp wire is mixed by the silk head, flower hair, and the buckle tail, losing the skein, and the weft silk is woven into the jumper.

Jumper prevention method: improve the quality of the connection.

Ⅳ.loose line

1. Loose thread caused by loose individual warp wires in braiding. There are several reasons for the relaxation of individual meridians:

(1) Hang loose warp silk. If the sword lead is not only, the heald piece has burrs, and the weft thread is more than a hook line. Tie tail hanging loose adjacent warp.

(2) The excess warp wire under the warp shaft is not smooth, and the warp wire is pulled loose.

(3) reed hole clamping wire. Such as: the reed hole is small, the reed has rust and so on.

(4) The warp on the handing rod (through the winding) is not smooth, and the warp is mixed loose by the handing rod.

(5) When weaving a high-mesh net, the flower hair fibers entangled several warp fibers.

(6) The warping quality is not qualified, such as the appearance of loose shaft lacing, line pressing, tuck head, edge collapse, serious convex and concave uneven, poor joints.

2. Loose thread prevention method: improve the weaving operation level, overcome the above causes of loose thread in advance.

Ⅴ.top buckle

The reason for the top buckle is poor quality of the buckle.

Top buckle prevention method: The quality of the buckle must reach the three conditions of tight, light and straight.

Ⅵ. nest latitude

1. The cause of filling

(1) Improper adjustment of the weft wire tension device leads to loose weft wire tension. The tension is unstable, high and low.

(2) The right filament does not work or has little effect.

(3) The right wire is too tight, and the effect on the weft wire is too large.

(4) The left wire is twisted too early, and the weft wire is caught early by the left wire, so that the right wire does not play a sufficient role.

In summary, the main cause of the dimple is that the weft wire is not straightened.

2. Prevention method: The diameter of the right woven edge should be more than 1.4 times the diameter of the weft wire, otherwise the holding force of the right woven edge on the weft wire will be insufficient.

In order to observe whether the weft wire is straightened before the weft is stuck, it is necessary to stop the reed when it is away from the knitting mouth to observe whether the weft wire has been straightened. To observe several times continuously, when the weft wire can be straightened, then drive, if you find that the weft wire is not straight, it is necessary to find out the cause and eliminate the fault in time.

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