Corrugated Filter Cartridge

Corrugated Filter Cartridge

Stainless steel fiber sintered felt is a porous depth filter material made from stainless steel fibers that have been sintered at high temperatures. The filter element made from it has the characteristics of high porosity, large filtration area, strong contaminant retention capacity, and strong reusable ability.

Stainless steel mesh is made by weaving stainless steel wire. Its corrugated filter element has the characteristics of good strength, not easy to lose, easy to clean, resistant to high temperature, and economic to use.

Feature: Beneficial for ultra-low temperature, high temperature, high pressure;

              Good porosity ratio;

              Less pressure loss;

              Higher machining capability;

              Sterilizing filtration for air purification and water treatment;

              Suitable for use in high temperature and high viscosity fluids;

              Shows the lowest pressure difference;

              Can be reused after anti-cleaning and cleaning.

Application industries: fiber, film, polymer plastics, pharmaceuticals, food industry, and the paint industry all require excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and heat resistance, especially in high-temperature exhaust treatment areas.

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