Dutch wire mesh cost calculation

The Dutch weave, also known as plain Dutch weave or and twill Dutch cloth, is a type of stainless steel wire mesh with different diameters of warp and weft wires and varying mesh counts. By using appropriate combinations of wire diameters and mesh counts, the Dutch weave can achieve filtration densities that are higher than those of regular stainless steel mesh. Typically, the diameter of the warp wires is larger than that of the weft wires. 

The Dutch weave can be woven in two ways: plain weave and twill weave.

Dutch wire mesh Advantages: 

Acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, strong tensile and wear resistance, stable and fine filtering performance, high precision, and unique filtering performance.

Dutch wire mesh Application:

The product is mainly used for gas and liquid filtration and separation of other media. It is widely used in precision pressure filters, fuel filters, vacuum filters, as filter cartridge materials, aerospace, refining, medicine, sugar, petroleum, chemical, synthetic fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, food, health research and other industries.

Accounting method:

Square meter weight (kg) = (warp diameter × warp diameter × warp count + weft diameter × weft diameter × weft count) ÷ 4 (Note: filament diameter unit mm)

Square meter price = square meter weight × filament unit price + labor cost + circulation cost.

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