Introduction to commonly used metal wires in wire mesh weaving

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1.Types of metal wires used for metal wire mesh weaving

Due to the limitations of weaving technology on the mechanical properties of metal materials, the vast majority of existing metal materials are not suitable for the production of woven nets. According to incomplete statistics, the main types of metal wires used in metal wire mesh currently include stainless steel wire, brass wire, tin blue copper wire, purple copper wire, iron wire, galvanized iron wire, aluminum wire, aluminum alloy wire, nickel wire, molybdenum wire, palladium wire, platinum rhodium alloy wire, silver wire, gold wire, electrical resistance wire, copper wire, titanium wire, and Monel alloy wire.

2.Stainless steel material for metal wire woven mesh

Stainless steel is a type of steel that has high chemical stability in air or various atmospheres, as well as in water, seawater, or various acid, alkali, salt aqueous solutions, or in other liquids. Although placed in it for a long time, it still does not oxidize, rust, or corrode.

Stainless steel is a large series of special steels that play an irreplaceable role in industries such as chemical, petroleum, electronics, and national defense. They are also iron carbon alloys based on iron and carbon, just like ordinary steel materials used in industry. They contain more alloying elements than ordinary steel due to the special requirement of corrosion resistance and other physical and process performance needs. Due to the addition of these alloying elements, the internal structure of the steel undergoes changes, which are reflected in the performance changes of the steel. These changes are interrelated and follow certain objective laws. Carbon steel and low alloy steel generally do not have chemical stability against corrosion.

Currently, stainless steel materials are widely used in metal wire mesh, and the stainless steel mesh market has become an important component of the stainless steel market.

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