The principle of automatic crimped wire mesh machine

Fully automatic crimped wire mesh machine is a highly automated production equipment for metal mesh products. Its principle is to cut the flat metal mesh by driving the cutting tool by electric motor or pneumatic motor to form geometric figures of different sizes, shapes and patterns. structure, so that the flat net has better aesthetics and usability. It is mainly used in construction, highways, railways, gardens, agriculture and industry, such as railway isolation nets, highway fence nets, building exterior wall protection nets, computer room anti-theft nets, etc.

Fully automatic crimped wire mesh machine has the following characteristics:

1. High degree of automation, easy operation and greatly improved production efficiency.

2. It can easily cut flat mesh of different specifications, sizes and shapes, with high processing accuracy and quality.

3. It greatly improves the aesthetics and practicability of the mesh products, and can meet different usage requirements.

4. The equipment has a compact structure, a small footprint, and strong adaptability, which can be customized and adjusted according to user needs.

In short, the fully automatic crimped wire mesh machine is an efficient and intelligent mesh product production equipment, and has become an indispensable production tool in the fields of construction, roads, and railways.

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