Wire fenc mesh’s warping operation flow

1. Wire reinspection: Conduct a comprehensive reinspection of all the wires used for warping, including wire diameter, mechanical properties, etc.

2. Preparation: Clean the work site and equipment, install the split reed, wide reed, tension device, etc., and set up the warp shaft and counter.

3. Set parameters: determine the number of teeth supported by the cone mechanism of each revolution of the warp shaft.

4. Test run: start the machine to check whether the components are flexible and reliable to ensure normal operation.

5. Threading: the chain is placed on the chain rack in an orderly manner, and the wire is passed through the tension bar, the split reed and the wide reed according to the law of "from right to left, from top to bottom".

6. Adjust tension: Adjust the number and spacing of tension rods as needed to ensure that the tension value is within the appropriate range.

7. Positioning: Ensure that the split reed and the wide reed correspond to the starting mark of the warp shaft and are fixed.

8. Warping: Tie the whole warp wire, insert it into the warp shaft slot, and start the machine for warping.

9. Parting: in the penultimate circle of parting, and the excess silk cut, some special requirements of the net need to be divided into two strands.

10. End: After finishing a warp, tie it on the warp shaft with thicker silk, reset the cone handle and counter, move the bracket, and prepare for the next round of warping.

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