What are the advantages of the ​dobby shedding wire weaving machine

Dobby Shedding wire weaving machine only suitable for the light weaving with the higher speed and the final products are widely used in window screen and filter industries.

The advantages of the dobby open type wire loom are:

1. Versatility: The dobby loom is highly versatile and can produce a variety of fabrics of different designs and patterns.

2. Precision: The dobby loom produces fabrics of high precision and quality due to its ability to control individual warp threads.

3. Speed: The dobby loom can produce fabrics at a faster rate than the conventional looms due to its advanced automation system.

4.Flexibility: The dobby loom is highly flexible, allowing the production of fabrics of varying lengths, widths, and densities.

5.Easy to operate: The dobby loom is easy to operate and requires minimal human intervention, reducing the chances of errors in the production process.

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